12 Everyday Literacy Activities for Toddlers

Literacy Activities for Toddlers
Literacy Activities for Toddlers

Literacy is an important aspect of every person’s life… Like it or not, it determines the success of individuals way beyond school, simply because literacy is everywhere and life is just a continuous process of learning, reading and adapting new things. Having said that, every parent would love to give their kids a head start when it comes to reading. But more than learning the technicalities of phonetics and sight words, the important thing to establish in toddlers and babies as young as 6 months old (as young as they can sit independently) is the love of reading, the love of books.

And an effective way of doing this is to make literacy activities for toddlers a pleasant, happy experience, preferably doing activities with lots of snuggles and bonding time with mum or dad.
This list of everyday literacy activities for toddlers are simple and easy to do. They are mostly little things you can do in spurts of 5-10 minutes within your busy day. They may seem overly simple, but never underestimate all the information your little toddler takes in. In these young precious years, their brains act as a sponge, absorbing every little language and sensory experience in their environment. But best of all, your little one will love the attention and enjoy the interaction with mum or dad.

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