10 Kids Writing Activities

10 Kids Writing Activities
Kids Writing Activities

I still remember those school exercise writing books with those pale blue lines, the cover adorned with a drawing of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. I remember spelling tests and dictation every Friday morning. I remember handwriting books with those extra lines to let us know where the tops and bottoms of letters should be. I remember creative writing. Oh, what I would give to still have some of my old school books. To see my written work when I was a child, learning to write.

I love collecting written work. I have collected odd bits and pieces of my children’s work but I really have to get my act together and get them all together in one place in some organised manner. I think I just came up with my Christmas/New Year project (yay!). My kids on the whole like writing, and I enjoy their written work. It’s a happy partnership.

Here are 10 fabulous kids writing activities...

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