How To Build a Toy Camera

How To Build a Toy Camera
a Toy Camera
If you have ever happened over to my Flickr page, you might notice that I like to take pictures…of everything. I am also quite smitten with cameras; all sorts of cameras. My mister however, is not a camera person, but he does have a fondness for Animal Crackers.
One day, I picked up a couple of boxes for him (I am a sucker for the boxes, they are kinda adorable) and I noticed that the little darlings are perfectly camera-sized. So, with a little paint, glue and vision, I came up with this quirky camera project your kiddos should have a blast doing. Hit up your local snack shop and find yourself a small camera-like box and get to creating. I have oodles more ideas for this project but here is the how-to for the scrumdilly-deluxe!

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